Wednesday, January 9, 2019

January 1, 2018

For some reason, when I was a kid, there were always jokes about boiled peanuts whenever we would drive through Georgia.  I'm not sure of the joke, I'm assuming someone ate them and they were nasty, but I sent this picture to my parents.

Yay! 2019

The playroom in the cabin.  It feels weird to post this since our friends OWN the cabin but yeah, it was cool.

Our bathroom at the cabin.  It has a giant walk-in shower that I loved.

The front room of the cabin.  

The cabin from the outside.

You can sort of see the "smoke" on the hills.

I gave my dad access to track my phone and Riley's.  He worries when we travel so it's easy for him to make sure we are okay.  He called me on the way home to say that we were almost to Corbin, KY.  Next to Corbin is a small town called Barbourville.  My great, great, great grandfather Henry Grindstaff enlisted in the army there during the war of 1812.  Some years ago, we found his grave outside the Crane Naval Base.

My new hat which was Rick's new hat that I love but I think I'll give my dad.

Anyway, we drove all day (hands wet on the wheel) but we are home!

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